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The University of Sydney and the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade, in partnership with the Museum of Srem and Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Sremska Mitrovica, are cooperating in a multi-year research project on a late antique building in Glac, near Sremska Mitrovica. The aim is to establish a centre that will explore and present discoveries of this archaeological site and enable students and young scholars to study ancient heritage using the latest scientific methods and technology.


The basis of the project is the research of the multi-layered site Glac. A multidisciplinary approach to research will enable enquiry into different aspects of people’s lives on this location.


The aim of the project is to establish a research centre where scholars and students will study the site, and younger generations will be able to get acquainted with the scientific knowledge about the past of the site.


By launching the Glac project, the archaeological site is placed in the focus of researchers and thus protected from further deterioration. Conservation of the discovered remains is one of main priorities of the project.


Presenting the research results to a wider audience is the end goal of the Glac project. Apart from the site visits and display of the physical remains, the audience will be able to visualise the past through 3D presentations and reconstructions.


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